1988 Economist Cover Predicting A World Currency By 2018

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REVELATION & The Economist Magazine 2019 - The 4 HorsemenI’m not a market timer, but a disciplined long-term income growth investor. Thus, I ignore the market’s short-term volatility.

I remember when this cover was circulating on Bitcoin subreddits a while ago. Reminds us to never take our hopes for granted, as a black swan event can always happen. But that’d be a strange and convenient coincidence if several countries started to adopt a cryptocurrency such as Ether in 2018.

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The Treasury Department released new federal spending and tax revenue data this week, and the U.S. government is spending and.

Well we have a global economy so a global currency doesn’t sound silly really. Who knows, it may help more of us at the bottom end if we can move our money easily. Not sure governments and big biz will like it, tax/ regional pricing ect.

A debilitating currency crisis is to an economy what a cardiac arrest is to the human body. Just as there is a sudden stop of.

19 Dec 2016.

In 1988 the 50% Rothschild owned "The Economist" magazine produced a cover predicting a global currency by 2018 (see below). Evidently it.

9 Jun 2016.

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In an unemployment crisis unlike any since the 1930s, a guaranteed living is a tempting idea – if we can figure out how to.

21 Apr 2018.

30 years ago The Economist in its “Get Ready for a World Currency” article predicted a new world currency. “Americans, Japanese, Europeans.