Gold Explorer Emblem Maplestory Potential Guide

9 Mar 2020.

Apprentice Sage Accessory has a random potential with 7-day duration.

[ Ultimate Explorer skills]: Mastery will now be applied. Hero. [Combo.

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Ayumilove MapleStory Adventurer Explorer Emblem (Gold Maple Leaf Emblem)Gold Maple Leaf Emblem Athena Pierce Category Explorer Repeatability Instantly Pre-requisites To.


1 MapleStory; 2 Characters and Skills; 3 Item.

15 Aug 2015.

This Emblem is only available for explorer classes and is often referr.


Video showing you how to get the best emblem in the game – the Gold Maple Leaf Emblem.

2:05:31. MapleStory: Complete Cubing/Potential Guide!

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8 Oct 2017.

Here is a guide on how to get Explorer Adventurer Gold Maple Leaf Emblem! You will need to complete a series of quests. Subscribe for more.