White Powder Gold Dangers

22 Nov 2019.

Ormus Gold, also known as Monoatomic Gold, White Powder Gold and Manna is a unique substance. Composed of precious minerals such as.

29/08/2012  · Monoatomic Gold White Powder Gold by monoatomicwhitepowderormusgold • Awareness is to be expanded and the mental-spiritual abilities are to be activated. Emotional: The first emotional clearing reactions are mostly shown in very intense dream experiences because the subconsciousness can perform the processing and erasure of emotional wounds and dramas better while sleeping. To.

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No white powder gold product that we tried successfully combined the benefits of multiple monoatomic gold preparations, and furthermore, no white powder gold product incorporated the benefits of other alchemically extracted positive energies and ingredients to boost the already powerful impact of their preparations. We read many Ormus reviews, studied the literature, and experienced the.

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White powder gold is "astonishingly" similar to David Hudson`s ormus, with minor differences attributable to the primary PGM used to produce it. Our PGM is 24K gold. It should be pointed out that the process used to produce white powder gold definitely works on silver and should be applicable to all PGM`s, including ruthenium. The possible applications boggle the mind. We would like to point.

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Gold NanoparticlesThis powder comes from a trace mineral deposit caused by a meteorite implosion. Etherium Gold includes the monatomic mineral elements of gold, iridium, rhodium, silver, platinum and chromium. It is often referred to as white gold powder, or the acronyms ORMUS or ORMES (Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Element). Reported Benefits from Etherium Gold.

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Ormus (White Powder Gold). €80,00. Ormus heeft een grote invloed op de aura en de energetische verschijningsvormen van het fysieke lichaam.

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Monatomic White Gold -This now gets us closer to the controversy and even I have corrected my terminology when referring to Monatomic substances. A general rule of thumb is if the bottle/vial costs less than what the weight of the substance would be in gold than there is no way it can be 99.9% pure Monatomic gold. Gold is $1402 per oz.