Sunday in the Park: Episode 12

Riders: Kyle Kelley, Justus Hines, Matt „Boody“ Boudreaux, Melissa Evans, Fabian Fraidl, Luis Eckert, Dominik Metzler, Kevin, Maximilian Pressinger, Moe Kastari, Lucas Baume, Elio Fumagalli, Keoni Kaimuloa, Evan Stum, Robert Toste, Drayden Gardner, Lenny Mazzotti, and Anthony Slater.


Riders: Elio Fumagalli, Lucas Baume, and Anthony Slater.


Riders: Jordan Small, Stephon Deifer, Blake Axelson, and Zak Hale.


Riders: Robert Toste, Matt Carlyle, Lenny Mazzotti, Keoni Kaimuloa, and Anthony Slater.


Riders: Gab Gosselin, Frank Jobin, Chris DePaul%, Jaromie Nolan, Drayden Gardner


Risers: Blake Axelson, Keoni Kaimuloa, Brandan Monahan, Melissa Evans, Matt Carlyle, Matt Robinson, Don Wheeler, Kody Williams, and Anthony Slater


Riders: Drayden Gardner, River Richer, Evan Stum, Austin Johnson, Anthony Slater, Lenny Mazzotti, Kody Williams, and Don Wheeler.



Riders: Jordan Small, Anthony Slater, Matt Carlyle, Javier Silva, Drayden Gardner


Riders: Robert Toste, Ian Sams, Anthony Slater, Justin Mulford, Kody Williams, Lenny Mazzotti, Drayden Gardner, Keoni Kaimuloa


Riders: John McDonald, Anthony Slater, Keoni Kaimuloa, Johnny Miller, Robert Toste, Jake Schaible, Jared McDaniel, Mike Gray, Drayden Gardner


Riders: Drayden Gardner, Robert Toste, Johnny Miller, Erik Leon, Jesse Paul

Burton US Open 2018

Men’s Halfpipe Finals

19-year-old Ayumu Hirano went absolutely massive to take home his first Burton U·S·Open win.

Women’s Halfpipe Finals

Defending champ Chloe Kim took her third Burton U·S·Open halfpipe win in a row, putting it down perfectly on her final run.

Men’s Slopestyle Finals

Defending champ Mark McMorris took his fourth Burton U·S·Open title with a massive third run.

Women’s Slopestyle Finals

Jamie Anderson stole the show, securing the top spot in the Burton U·S·Open Women’s Slopestyle Finals

Side Hits Euphoria – Chapter 2

Resort riding, side hits, random stuff on the slopes… Same story as the first chapter. Oli and I filmed everything we found on our way during our last snowboard trips in December. We rode around Vancouver, Mount Seymour, Laax and Arêches-Beaufort. Thank you for watching and have fun riding!
Made by: Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo
Filmer: Olivier Gittler

ATTUNGA: A Higher Place – Full Movie

ATTUNGA is the unfiltered saga of three Norwegian snowboarders: Terje Haakonsen, Torgeir Bergrem and Marcus Kleveland, pulling back the curtain and examining their purpose, potential, pitfalls and paychecks.

X Games Aspen 2018

Ayumu Hirano wins Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe Gold

Scotty James wins Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe Silver

Ben Ferguson wins Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe Bronze

Henrik Harlaut wins Men’s Ski Slopestyle Gold

Oystein Braaten wins Men’s Ski Slopestyle Silver

Andri Ragettli wins Men’s Ski Slopestyle Bronze

Sarah Hoefflin wins Women’s Ski Big Air Gold

Johanne Killi wins Women’s Ski Big Air Silver

Tess Ledeux wins Women’s Ski Big Air Bronze

Chloe Kim wins Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Gold

Arielle Gold wins Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Silver

Maddie Mastro wins Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Bronze

Henrik Harlaut wins Men’s Ski Big Air Gold

Øystein Bråten wins Men’s Ski Big Air Silver

James Woods wins Men’s Ski Big Air Bronze

Marcus Kleveland wins Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Gold

Darcy Sharpe wins Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Silver

Mark McMorris wins Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Bronze

Maggie Voisin wins Women’s Ski Slopestyle Gold

Isabel Atkin wins Women’s Ski Slopestyle Silver

Jennie Lee Burmansson wins Women’s Ski Slopestyle Bronze

Max Parrot wins Men’s Snowboard Big Air Gold

Marcus Kleveland wins Men’s Snowboard Big Air Silver

Yuki Kadono wins Men’s Snowboard Big Air Bronze

Gus Kenworthy qualifies first in Men’s Ski Slopestyle

Jamie Anderson wins Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Gold

Julia Marino wins Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Silver

Enni Rukajärvi wins Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Bronze

David Wise wins Men’s Ski SuperPipe Gold

Alex Ferreira wins Men’s Ski SuperPipe Silver

Torin Yater-Wallace wins Men’s Ski SuperPipe Bronze

Red Gerard qualifies first in Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle

Maddie Bowman wins Women’s Ski SuperPipe Gold

Brita Sigourney wins Women’s Ski SuperPipe silver

Cassie Sharpe wins Women’s Ski SuperPipe Bronze

Seppe Smits in Saas-Fee

Belgian Snowboarder Seppe Smits in Saas-Fee Switzerland

Anna Gasser Profile

check out Anna Gasser from Austria.

Shaun White – X Games Profile

Born with a heard condition, Shaun White balanced the demands of snowboarding and skateboarding from a young age, eventually becoming one of the first snowboarders to push competitive snowboarding to a new level.

Jamie Anderson – X Games Profile

Jamie Anderson is a Winter Olympic gold medalist and 13-time X Games Snowboard Slopestyle medalist. The most medaled athlete in X Games Snowboard Slopestyle history, Anderson is known for her love of nature, yoga and smooth landings.

Freeride World Tour Japan 2018

Due to the lack of visibility on today’s face and an incoming storm, the competition is POSTPONED. We will keep you updated as soon as possible on another potential competition day. Stay tuned for more info to come..

The Crap Show LAAX 2018 #1

The Crap Show is back once again for the 17/18 season and starting things off right and tight with 5 minutes of action from Snowpark LAAX. This December blessed the resort with plenty of snow so the parks were in pristine conditions from the get-go. In the first episode of the season a crew of young guns including Elio Fumagalli, Lars Popp and Boris Mouton are joined by even younger slayers Jonas Junker and Florian Fischer – all of which took turns destroying the P60 park as well as the medium park at Ils Plauns. Buckle up for safety, this one’s a doozy! Enjoy.

Riders: Jonas Junker, Boris Mouton, Elio Fumagalli, Lars Popp, Florian Fischer

Laax Open 2018

The halfpipe finals of the LAAX OPEN 2018 went down on Saturday. Despite ongoing snowfall the riders were battling for the top spots on the podium. The perfectly shaped LAAX Superpipe on Crap Sogn Gion was the centre of attention for 8 ladies and 14 men. The athletes impressed the spectators with a high level of riding and left nothing to be desired for freestyle enthusiasts. It was the last chance for some riders to qualify for 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongyang (KOR). Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI), Olympic Gold Medallist from Sochi 2014, secured the victory in front of his home crowd. Jiayu Liu (CHN) dominated in the women competition and ended up in first. The world’s biggest halfpipe (200 m long, 6.9 m high) course awaited the riders.

Mindset PRDCTNS: A love like mine is hard to find

Our fifth and last full length film „A love like mine is hard to find“.
Featuring Elio Fumagalli, Lou Staub, Florian Fischer, David Djite, Dario Burch, Jeron Lohner, Joel Staub, Adrian Oesch, Gregor Betschon, Max Wettstein & Florian Arnold.
A film by Mathias Wittwer with illustrations by Nico Yang. Produced by Mindset Prdctns.

Red Bull Rewind – Best of 2017

Just in case you are already buckled up in 2018, here’s a video with all the best moments 2017 had to offer. Enjoy our compilation as we show you the whole spectrum of the World of Red Bull. Which was your favourite moment of 2017?