A conundrum wrapped up in an oxymoron and labeled a paradigm. That’s Kale Stephens. His aggressive riding style and ‚throw caution to the wind‘ attitude tear through any contemporary idea of what snowboarding is all about. In a day and age where smooth style defines a rider, Kale has earned respect from the best in the business because he gets it done. The man has been rewriting shredding since he first linked turns at age ten in Collingwood, Ontario. Now 33, the idea of retiring hasn’t even crossed his mind.

Born in Newport Beach, California, he and his mom moved to Collingwood when he was just two years old. Living a stone’s throw away from Blue Mountain he started snowboarding at ten, made a name for himself in the u-ditch, outgrew Ontario and moved to Whistler at 18. In 2006 he left the hustle and bustle of Whistler to settle down in Squamish, just 45 minutes south of Whistler on highway 99. Living the dream in the Garibaldi Highlands, Kale still gets on his board as often as possible and oversees the Airhole empire that he and fellow pro-shred Chris Brown masterminded four years ago. A Wildcats alumni, Kale spearheaded the ’sno-moboarding‘ movement that has overtaken the snowboarding landscape. Always on the prowl for new terrain, imaginative lines and ways to make photographers and filmers second guess his antics, Kale continues to make onlookers cringe and turn away in dismay, until, of course, he stomps something first try and rides straight to après.