A fresh crop of up-and-coming skiers joined with Meathead Films for the 2013 season. From gnarled trees to crisply shaped parks, Neo showcases this new talent that the East has to offer. Tag along with the Meatheads for their 12th winter and their first ever online exclusive movie series. New crew, new format, same great meaty flavor: Neo. First Episode Coming December 2013

Featuring: LJ Strenio, Tyler Duncan, Lupe Hagearty, Ross Imburgia, Colby Vavolotis, Griffin Dunne, Louise Lintilhac, Noah Ranallo, Carter Snow, Dominic Castine, Dylan Dipentima, Carson Barbour, Vincent Prevost, Martin Boulais, Dom Laporte, Sam Beauchesne, Tyler Mega, Keegan Kilbride, Rory Walsh, Mitch Noddin, Jamie Ficco, Sam Zahner, Justin Petricko, Blake Wilson, Tim Ryan