Roger Ver Joins Other Libertarians In Announcing A New Nation

Roger Ver is Keeping His Plan for a Libertarian Country Alive | FreeSocietyMany prominent names in the libertarian world are joining our team, more will be revealed soon!.

For many decades, mostly libertarians have been trying to create a new country by.

There are many examples of governments granting another nation sovereignty over a part of their territory, the.

Roger Ver. Co- Founder.

23 May 2018.

The Venn diagram between libertarians and crypto bros is so close it's basically a circle.

white dudes partial to ostentatious displays of wealth, among other things .

There's even talk of starting a country they could tie it all together,

This proposed utopia announced by Olivier Janssens and Roger Ver in.

Some 13 miles off the coast of Phuket, a brilliant white octagon floating above the water’s surface came into view on the.

25 Sep 2017.

Roger Ver does, and he is inviting people to join him on a ground level in.

by the cryptocurrency platform Nexus Earth, to announce Free Society,

he is currently negotiating with different countries to purchase sovereign.

22 Sep 2017.

Roger Ver Joins Other Libertarians In Announcing a New Nation. Roger Ver to establish an independent nation, governed by libertarian values.

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Seasteading, a portmanteau describing a politically autonomous community built in international waters, has long held an.

20 Sep 2017.


Olivier Janssens and other prominent libertarian and cryptocurrency figures, announced.


Indeed, if successful, a new Monaco or Dubai will bring a.

Roger Ver, one of the co-founders, adds: "I'm incredibly excited to be part of this.

Many prominent names in the libertarian world are joining their team.

21 Sep 2017.

The announcement also elaborated on how previous attempts at creating a.

of The Free Society Foundation, Roger Ver, provided his perspective.

Do you think this new libertarian and cryptocurrency-based country will succeed? Will governments and other entities try to smash it?.

Join the discussion.

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