Like every summer, the snowpark is in top shape and damn fun to ride. The big kickerline is perfectly built so that you have enough speed the whole day! Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad in Switzerland, so we couldn’t get as much shots as last year.
If you like big kickers, halfpipe or creative rails, Saas-Fee is definitely the place to be this summer!
Riders: Andri Ragettli, Christian Wälchli, Philippe Guggisberg, Klaus Gerber, Kai Mahler, Mathieu Hulliger, Jonas Hunziker, Marinho Meyer, Till Matti, Nico Martin, Jeremy Rudaz, Cyrill Hunziker, Joel Gisler, Flavio Lardelli, Thomas Kigle, Carlo Michel, Yves Müller
Shot and edited by: Kevin Hauser