Because of the big kickerline (3x) and the creative railsetup, the summerpark in Saas-Fee is the number one summer-training-location for Europeans best freeskiers and snowboarders! There is also a medium kickerline (4x) and a 22 feet superpipe (shown in the next video)
So if you are a beginner or a pro freestyler, come to the summerpark in Saas-Fee and shred with us! It’s definitely worth it! 🙂

Riders: Laurent DeMartin, Elias Ambühl, Arvet Fuchs, Nando Lehmann, Jonas Hunziker, Christian Bieri, Jeremy Rudaz, Kevin Hauser, Marinho Meyer, Fabian Langkau, Markus Eder, Mathieu Hulliger, Nick Fehr, Markus Stoffel, Cyrill Hunziker, Fabian Bösch

Shot and edited by:Kevin Hauser
Song: Sunshine – Matisyahu
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