It was a perfect day! Low wind from the back, blue sky and soft snow. The old heroes of the Glacier 3000 Invitational gave themself a close battle for the top spot. Three French riders made their way to Les Diablerets as well as two Finns and three Austrians. The big international names were again missing, we are sure they are training hard on air bags for the Olympics. Meanwhile the course with 4 different sized jumps on the Glacier 3000 was perfect for this first event for the season.

Jérémy Pancras from France claimed the third place after a solid day on skis. Laurent De Martin slightly missed the top spot with a lack of performance in the final run. Christian Bieri considered all his experience for his final run and safed his second win of the Event after 2012! Congratulations! Filmed and edited by Raphael Schläppi,