The Crap Attack LAAX 2016 – Episode 3

Spring time at Snowpark Laax. Featuring Vincent Skretteberg, Gian Marchet, Jay Gradolf & Daniel Loosli.
Produced by Snowpark Laax. Filmed and edited by Mathias Wittwer. Additional footage by Fabio Follador.


Slushy laps on the newly opened P60. Featuring Frederick Iliano, Alex Benz, Andrej Perko, Fabienne Werder, Silvan Jäger & Jay Gradolf.


The first episode of the 2015/2016 season featuring Andri Ragettli, Alex Benz, Johan Hollmuller, Lucas Howald, Andrin Tgetgel, Kai Mahler, Fabienne Werder & Daniel Loosli. Filmed and edited by Mathias Wittwer.