The Crap Show LAAX 2015 #3

Episode 3 of the Crap Show features some P60 cruising with James Niederberger, pro kicker line action with Matthias Wattinger, Severin Van Der Meer and Sina Candrian, some No Name jibbing with Jeron Lohner, and to cap it all off a short cameo with Lou Staub and David Hablützel. For this episode local filmer Lukas „Blume“ Rösli tested a Sony FS7, and well, the results speak for themselves. Now go see for yourselves!
Additional footage by Mathias Wittwer, Elmar Bossard, and aerial footage by Phillipp Ruggli.


Riders: Len Jorgensen, Stale Sandbech, Tor Lundstrom, Jonas Boesiger, James Niderberger, Markus Keller, Yannick Hermann, Benji Farrow, Severin Van Der Meer


P60 aka Curnius Snowpark with Jeron Lohner, Bastian Jauslin, Jah Harris, Severin Van Der Meer, Sina Candrian, Max Wettstein, Elio Fumagalli, Boris Mouton and Lucas Baume.