The Crap Show LAAX 2016 – Episode 5

The Crap Show #5 is dedicated to all the young guns out there. Together with Freestyle Academy and snowboard school coach Petr Nevečeřal, these little shred heads destroyed the Ils Plauns park as well as P60, with multiple cameras pointed at them no less! Were they nervous? Maybe! But that didn’t stop them from showcasing their skills with style and dedication. Watch carefully, these kids are the future of freestyle.
This one’s for you, kids. Stay in school!
Riders: Max Baertsch, Rino Hartmann, Jerome Messmer, Sebastian Niggl, Petr, Neveceral, Mona Danuser, Gino Tamani and Nick Puenter


To start things off, Swiss young guns Elio Fumagalli, Leandro Eigensatz and Lucas Baume hit up the medium park line at Ils Plauns and then cruise P60. Our Dutch homie Cees Wille stops by for a visit to destroy some rails before heading off to Japan. And last but not least, Jeron Lohner opens up a can of mind-bending trickery all over Curnius. Enjoy! Surfed by: Elio Fumagalli, James Niederberger, Cees Wille, Lucas Baume, Leandro Eigensatz, Jeron Lohner


Quote by Alex Tank:“The moment when you’re trying to film in the allegedly cold streets of Helsinki for the new Adidas/Videograss project and you accidently end up in Europe’s best resort called Laax. Well more or less accidently. After four days of excessive rain in snowboarding’s streetmecca of Helsinki we decided to pull the plug and give the homies in Laax a call. They promised us sun, warm temperatures and a perfect slushy park. You know it’s Go-Time when the shapers themselves drag you to come out to Laax. And they weren’t fooling around! Three days of sun after a week of rain. Oh, how the odds can turn. Thank you, everybody at Laax.“
Snowboarding by: Gido Gfoellner, Derrek Lever, Alex Sherman, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Alex Tank


Happy new year! We’re stoked to present a slightly longer Crap Show this time to start off 2016 and give you a taste of what went down over Xmas / New Years up here in LAAX. It’s been an insane 2 weeks with nothing but sunshine, smiles and good times all around. There was barely a cloud in the sky over the holidays, which consequently resulted in difficult snow conditions. But the Snowpark Laax crew rose to the challenge and managed to keep the NoName park in pristine shape and give everyone a fun playground to throw down on. If you don’t believe it, hit play and see for yourself.
Riders: James Niderberger, Tor Lundstrom, Stépahnie Kauert, Sina Candrian, David Hablützel, Yannick Messmer, Kevin Backstrom, Igor Wandfluh, Severin Van Der Meer


First Episode Season 15/16
No Name Park All Day featuring: Elio Fumagalli, Marco Aellig, Arda Serce, Julien Emch, Matthias Wattinger, Jonas Boesiger, Dario Burch