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Hana Beaman has done a lot during her career as a professional snowboarder. She’s killed it in contests, slid rails, and now she’s out in the back-country slaying it on the daily. In the latest Introspect by Vans, join Hana at her house in Bellingham Washington, and see what she does on the daily.[/tab]

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In the second installment of Vans SnowboardingIntrospect, get to know Jamie Lynn. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Jamie’s pro model snowboard and he continues to be influential within the snowboarding community through both his riding and his art. Explore Mt. Baker alongside this legendary snowboarder and follow along as he competes in the Baker Banked Slalom. Head to Jamie’s house for some target practice and painting and listen to his views on both his own riding and competition. Enjoy this episode that deftly captures both the history and current state of snowboarding through the point of view of Jamie Lynn.[/tab]

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Zac Marben takes us to the best spots in his hometown of Minneapolis and gives us insight on what it’s like to film a video part for one of the most anticipated movies of the year.[/tab]