The first stop of the Volcom PBRJ European Tour was hosted by the european mecca of snowboarding, LAAX. This resort is just awesome…location, support and atmosphere have been just great as the previous years and we had a blast there. The LAAX shaper crew built a very creative set-up, fun to ride for all riders from the Pros tot he groms. It consisted of a downrail with a pole jam entry, a Y shaped flat-down rail, and a curved „down tube“. It made for opportunities of all different kind of tricks.
Altogether it was a banger start in LAAX, we`re looking forward to next year. Big thanks to the LAAX shaper crew and resort!

15& Under division
1. Samuel Camenzind
2. Marten Kikas
3. Elias Rupp
4. Wendelin Gauger
5. Patrick Baumann
Girls division
1. Joelle Juchli
2. Stephanie Kauert
3. Laura van der Haue
4. Barbara Hanisch
5. Isabella Groenestein
16-21 division
1. Arturs Cukunde
2. Elio Fumagalli
3. Jonas Steinbacher
4. Lorenzo Peeters
5. Dario Burch
Open division
1. Rino Wenger (500CHF)
2. Max Wettstein (300CHF)
3. Toms Petrusevics (200CHF)
4. Jeron Lohner
5. Dylan Morder
      Trip to Mammoth Mountain winner:
Jeron Lohner (Switzerland)