Windells Camp Ski 2013: Session 1

The summer season is here! Blue skies, tons of snow, fresh features, and jump lines for days. What more do you need? After an incredible week with the APO Team, it’s easy to say that the good vibes of Session 1 will stick around all summer long. Let’s keep it going!

Featured Skiers: Will Wesson, Paul Bergeron, Sammy Carlson, Will Berman, Reid Lewis, Jamie Crane-Mauzy, John Kutcher, Steve Stepp, Shay Lee, Jack Borland, Tim Sargent, Tim Gage, Nick Goepper, Maks Gorham, Nicky Keefer, Jeff Curry, Ari Delashmutt, and Campers!

Filmed by: Jake Strassman, Sam Trefaller, Alexandra Erickson, Tyler Malay and Ian Macy
Edited by: Jake Strassman