With the chill vibes of Inspired Media floating throughout Mt. Hood, you could barely feel the 90 degree heat during Session 3. Tanner Hall and the Inspired crew were slaying the park and stoking out the crowds. Nothing like a massive amount of sun, snow, and giant smiles to set the tone for a killer week. Inspired to the world!

Featured Skiers: The Inspired Crew, Emile Bergeron, Taylor Seaton, Brady Perron, Henrik Harlaut, Tanner Hall, Will Wesson, Tim Sargent, Chris Logan, Dane Grashuis, Will Hibbs, Lupe Hagearty, Steve Stepp, Pete Arneson, Will Berman, Austin Torvinen, John Ware, Carson Kerr (academy), Jeff Curry, Jamie Crane-Mauzy, Kieran McVeigh, Andy Partridge, Noah Wallace, Jason Arens, John Kutcher, Khai Krepala, ABM, Nicky Keefer and campers.

Filmed by: Jake Strassman, Sam Trefaller, Alexandra Erickson, Tyler Malay and Ian Macy
Edited by: Jake Strassman