Riders: Dave Ortlieb, Jonas Hunziker, Roy Kittler, Sämi Ortlieb
Even tho the winter in the northern alps in europe sucked big time this year, there where places in the alps which where drowning in snow. The idea behind this project really is to show people the endless potential we have for skiing in europe. Just open your door or take your car and drive 2h and you will find some fresh snow for sure. We want to show people that you do not need a huge budget to produce some high quality skiing. We are just a group of friends putting our hearts and souls into this project to show YOU guys what really is possible in europe.

In this episode we took our crew to Engadin, Switzerland, luckily we were able to stay at our friends place Silvia Flück, who lives right in the heart of beautiful Plan da Lej. We want to thank her big time for the hospitality and the great times. If u ever need a nice place to stay check out her appartements: